Official new music video released by production group GREENLIGHTS Music! This winter, with help of this song and some live shows, we raised almost $1800 to aid immigration legislation at the Mexican American Boarder! Now we have a live music video!


Some of the content in this video is graphic. It is politically driven and puts some of our greatest challenges as Americans right up front. Some of these issues have affected us personally, some are now engraved in our minds from social media or news stories. We are addressing these issues to increase social awareness and with hope to draw attention to certain political and social policies that are unjustly based on gender, race, money, and fear.


If Justice Was a Lady


A video by Kevin Epperson One Tear Productions

Cinematography Jason Deuchler Plus Kewl Films

Music Produced by RP/Andrés Roldan

Written and performed by

Willow Wells RP Amanu and CasaGrown (BADWOLFF) Abitight

featuring Mic Logik

We at GREENLIGHTS Music believe in the right to live, love, build, and grow without fear of discrimination, bigotry, violence, and hate.

We salute and support those officers who fairly and loyally serve on our police force in our struggling communities. It requires bravery, commitment, and sacrifice that we could never understand. To serve the law with justice and have the community as first priority, commands all the respect in our hearts.