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by Greenlights Music

RP are the initials of the chicago emcee Ron P. (Andres Roldan) RP started making music in Chicago in 2005. He went from being a lead emcee in a well known 8 piece Chicago Hiphop band named Abstract Giants. He would open with legendary acts in almost every Chicago Venue. The Coup, Jean Grey, Lyrics Born, RZA, GZA, Bernie Worell, Digable Planets were just a few of the names RP would share the stage circa 2005-2012. Around 2012/13 RP began to a produce/engineer for collaborative efforts Rebel Alliance https://rebelalliance.bandcamp.com/ Finally and most recently he created with his own production group Greenlights Music. The music itself is a blend of traditional boom bap hiphop of the 90's but also funky alternative hip hop of the golden era. This with a taste of the electronic production we've gotten used to today. RP has a wide array of musical influences. As a young man, his father who is a well known Chicago based community leader, would always have music playing. Vivaldi, Hendrix, Sly, are just a few he was exposed to at a very early age. Later he was influenced by a Flamenco Dancer named Chino, in all rights a living legend. He would teach RP the essence of performance, how to sing, dance, and let him watch all the greatest movies of every era. The whole time, RP's greatest love was always hiphop. Kool Moe Dee was his first favorite emcee, but he would listen to everything and anything Hip hop. That being said, RP is musically diverse in what he listens to as well as the music he makes. You can hear many of his musical influences throughout this whole album.

There are social, cultural, and political themes laced throughout this album. RP comes from a modest and liberal background being born on the south side of Chicago (Hyde Park) and growing up in the citie's nearest suburb Oak Park. He values family, community, and the power of progressive thinking. At the same time, you get a taste of his more dark and aggressive character with his punch-line rap lyrics and Chicago flavor. His flow is dynamic, his homies are skilled, and his music bumps. Check it out. Please share and throw a couple bones if you can.

All the music was played by RP with the exception of a few hidden samples and other vocals of course. This is RP's first solo record with his own production.

RP is also the initials of the mother land (Puerto Rico) backwards.




A collection of Chicago's finest emcees flow over RP's beats.  These emcees/artists are the definition of Chicago's originality and diversity in the undergound hiphop game.  Every song's subject matter is different and engaging.  The music RP conducts compliments every emcee nicely. 




Go! The light is green. On their third EP, GL3, Greenlights keep it moving and it's a groove of a ride. Soulful, cerebral, humorous, and emotional in satisfying proportions.
The Go is an abbreviation for Chicago. Greenlights means Go like the blues that keeps big shoulders strong.  GL3 is like that sympathetic ear that at once makes the downs of life bearable and invigorates you for more.


GL3 Instrumentals


These are the beats and sounds behind the voices of GREENLIGHTS.  These symphonic digital arrangements and movements come courtesy of Producer Andrés Roldan (RP) of GREENLIGHTSproductions


Greenlights Two

GREENLIGHTS second record released in 2014.  Though staying with the same vintage Chicago feel as their first release (HG/GLI) in 2013, this record takes the listener in a new direction with even more impressive production from Andres Roldan.  Not only do things sound better, but GREENLIGHTS start to hone their skill as a group.  Dynamic, graceful, energetic, and even dark tones push wonderfully constructed themes by all three writers on board.  



by Greenlights

The "original" GREENLIGHTS project.  After spending time collaborating with the Rebel Alliance (http://rebelalliance.bandcamp.com), Casagrown, Ron p, and Willow made a couple songs together and it worked!  Still in the infancy of their sound, the songs are more simple, less produced, all around more vintage.  Either way, cool melodies, slick intelligent rhymes, and groove heavy beats set the tone for the FIRST GL record named after our fearless vocal leader HomeGrown (Casagrown).


Rebel Alliance

A collaboration of many different artists that represent the uprising against the empire.
Though this conglomeration of artists featured many Producers like DJ Phonetics and RasOM  ...these tracks are produced by RP